A Dark Anniversary

One year ago, our High Point children were taken hostage in a tragic case of political tyranny. And for the third time in six years, these children have been allowed to suffer unfairly. One year ago, this board voted again to redistrict these children away from their neighborhood schools, thus sending them to schools way across town in what was sold to citizens as “an example of racial harmony
and diversity.” But the end results continue to be demoralizing.

            Children now attend High Point middle and high schools miles away from their homes. Many of these children come from families that are low income and many do not have access to transportation in the home. If their child falls ill at school, these families have no mode of transportation to come and pick their child up from school.

            Families have been uprooted. Households have been split apart. Enrollment at area private schools has skyrocketed. Homes suddenly put up for sale because of politics. It is estimated that as many as 400 children in High Point alone have left the GCS system entirely. Where are the missing 400? They’re not at Andrews, where enrollment is now below 1,000. They’re not at Central. They’re not at Southwest. And the end result? Almost daily fights at Southwest Middle and High, and now Ferndale. The ongoing questionable mission of the supposed culinary arts academy program at Central. Severe supply shortages continue within Andrews. In fact, the plight of many High Point schools is dismal, as evidenced by the Montlieu Elementary parents who spoke at the last Board meeting. These parents, teachers, students…and yes, these communities…all of these communities in High Point, want their schools back. The “neighborhood” has been taken out of the neighborhood school. That’s not right. We owe it to these parents, teachers, children and neighborhoods to rightly return these schools to these neighborhoods now. Will our Board and GCS free these children and pour the necessary supplies into all of these schools by any means necessary so that student achievement can once again become a top priority?

E.C. 🙂


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