Grier Stumbles Again

I told you I was going to break some news this week.

Supt. Grier really should not be in charge of running schools.

Multiple and reliable sources familiar with the chaotic discipline situation at Kiser Middle School tell us that Dr. Grier made some rather disparaging remarks at the beginning of this school year as he announced the hiring of the then-new principal Sharon McCants. Sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity, say that at an early faculty meeting this school year, McCants quoted Grier as having said that “she was inheriting a school with 85 students on long-term suspension, a school with the second-lowest reading scores in the county and a staff who doesn’t think black kids can learn.”

One confirmed witness to McCants sharing this with the faculty said, “Many of the faculty at Kiser feels that his statement reflects his own feelings about race.”

This is not the only time Grier has put his foot in his mouth. Published reports last summer said that Grier used similar language when being debriefed by state assistance team members at Andrews H.S. last year, which led to Grier walking out of one of the meetings.

And for all this, Grier got a raise and a salary extension. Wow.

I’ll just bet Charlotte-Mecklenburg is thanking their lucky stars they didn’t hire him.

E.C. 🙂


5 Responses

  1. Amazing blog! Thank you for the truth about Grier. I know he’s a dog but it’s great to have someone share it with all of cyberspace.

  2. Mr. Huey,

    The link to your email address on your home page is not working. Excellent website. I’m so sorry I didn’t come visit sooner. I’m a regular now.

  3. As I said, Grier should not be in the school business at all.

    An inside source at Kiser wrote on condition of anonymity:

    “In all my years of teaching, I have never more insulted. I have devoted a sizeable portion of my life to educating all students, because I firmly believe in my heart that not only do all children have the right to learn, all children can and should be given an education. That the head of the entire school district feels that not only I, but also the entire staff here is racist reflects a level of incompetence by the county and school administration that borders on liability.”

    And Grier’s statement to Principal McCants as she shared this with her staff has been corroborated.


  4. Truly unbelievable!-well, not really because I’ve been a Grier watcher for a long time now.

    Again, I must say how thorough your blog is. I just read some past posts and we need more people like you on the BOE to investigate and actually care about the EDUCATION of our kids. You’re a sight for sore eyes Mr. Huey. Thank you so much for coming out this early in the “game”. Our kids would be fortunate to have you on their side. Please don’t let the one or two naysayers drive you away.

  5. No one’s going to scare me away. My drive and desire to see all of our children succeed in good schools is way too great for one or two or three people to shoo me out of this race. But it only aims to show how ugly this race will get and how we as like-minded individuals need to form this grass-roots movement to bring about some real change in our schools. A classroom teacher cannot make many changes at the bottom–they need to be made at the top. Thanks for the kind words of support. Glad to have you on board.


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