More on Grier–More on Kiser

Another source familiar with the situation within Kiser Middle School (and Grier’s “statement”) comments herein:

“Decisions (or lack of) concerning lack of discipline has led to low teacher morale, frustration, and a disconnect between staff and administration. It is demoralizing enough that Dr. Grier has called us racist–the administration micromanages and treats us as if we don’t have any input regarding student expectations. To me, this implies that their belief is the same as Dr. Grier. The suspension rate from last year does not tell the entire story. We all worked hard to try and help those students who needed it most–that also includes the past administration. To believe otherwise is insulting. We are professionals, and most have stayed at Kiser because we love this school. Don’t underestimate our passion for these children. Some of the decisions, such as the contract for changing grades, are immoral and unethical.”

This blog will write itself, folks. And please understand that there are many more schools operating in this manner like this one.


E.C. πŸ™‚


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  1. Mr. Huey, just for fun, call a school in GC and ask a question! It’s the most obnoxious thing I’ve ever done! I just tried to call some schools for their profile and although some were nice (Grimsley, Ragsdale, Page, Southwest) the majority of them acted as if I was asking for them to split the atom! Dudley and Central were the absolute worst! They seemed suspicious that anyone would want information about their school. In fact Dudley limited me to 2 questions and then said for any other information I would have to go to the state school website! What a disgrace that these are “our” public schools! I also called some private schools and they had all the time in the world! Who should I go to with questions if the schools are so reluctant to share it?

  2. That’s ridiculous, although I’m not surprised. Try calling district/media relations at GCS, telephone Chad Campbell on 370-8356 or Sonya Conway on 370-8386. You can also download the state school report card off of the individual school website. Or ask it here and I can try to help.

    E.C. πŸ™‚

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