Kiser Middle School Concerns–Part 4

An insider familiar with the deteriorating behavioral/discipline situation at Kiser Middle School comments:

“The climate has deteriorated so much that students are now putting their hands on teachers (shoving them, moving arms that are placed to block entrance/exit) and no disciplinary action is taken. The usual response given by the administration is ‘it was not brought to my attention.’ I know of at least one substitute teacher, who in the past was dependable and competent, that now refuses to come back to Kiser because of the above-mentioned issues. I will do whatever is in my power to transfer schools after this year, and in all probability I will leave this county as well. Terry Grier’s incompetence, namely his handling of redistricting issues in High Point, and “Mission Possible” are but two further examples of his inability to manage this school system, and are making it impossible for me to continue to work in this system.”



E.C. 🙂


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