Real Citizenry Input

First off, see GCS board member Amos Quick, who replied this morning on the N&R Chalkboard blog:

“Please be advised of the context of my comments.

A comment was made earlier in the meeting that when looking at passing a bond package, you should address geographic concerns. I was referring to that comment when I said if you buy into that line of thinking then Greensboro would have a problem with this as so many problems within the city would go unaddressed. Please also know that I am not 100 percent in support of a bond package being on the ballot in the fall of 2007 and stated this at the retreat and at at least 2 other public meetings..

As for representing ALL the children of this county, I am very proud of my record of doing just that and have nothing to be ashamed of. I also firmly believe that I should spend time addressing the specific needs of African American children as their plight in our school system requires specific consideration at times. When we improve their condition, we improve GCS; not at the exclusion of any other group, but with deliberate attention.

Once again, I invite any of you to contact me at (336) 235-0345 or (336) 987-7269. I believe in working toward resolution of problems and not just complaining about them, and I welcome your comments and suggestions.”

Then I responded: “Mr. Quick: Thank you again for your ongoing leadership and dedication to our children.

But understand for a long time, many have suggested concrete changes to real problems in our schools and those complaints and suggestions continue to fall on deaf ears. And when it continuously happens, citizens and parents begin to complain.

I hold pages and pages of documented problems at Kiser Middle School, and there is an intervention team on location there. I’ve been documenting some of these problems in my website blog. I’m receiving complaints of students assaulting teachers at Page, I’ve documented this on by blog this week.

These are real problems and require real solutions.

I’d love for you and I to get together over coffee so we can have a dialogue on these and other issues.”

In fact, the invite is open for any Board member to come and have coffee with me (and on me) so that we can discuss the issues: student achievement, redistricting, violence and discipline in our schools, teacher working conditions.

I would really like to see a Citizens Advisory Committee created with teachers, parents, citizens, PTA members, etc., so that real citizens can have real input on issues surrounding GCS. And I would also like to see an “inspector general” position created to watch the fraud, waste, correct mismanagement, and to also review employee complaints and bring those to the attention of the Board. There is no system in place now that I know of.


E.C. 🙂


2 Responses

  1. You better stop by the little shin-dig that Allen Johnson is having next week; he and David Hoggard are going to sit face-to-face and save the world.

  2. I’d like to; I’m trying to find out when it is.

    E.C. 🙂

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