ACLU Suing Florida School District Over Low Graduation Rates

See this editorial from last week’s Palm Beach Post…the American Civil Liberties Union is planning litigation against the Palm Beach Co. (Florida) School District over its dismal graduation rates. Is this what it is coming down to, my friends?

But the paper’s editorial board sings a different tune: “Now, we just need someone to sue the bad parents, lazy students and FCAT-obsessed state,” the editorial says.

FYI, the FCATs are the NCLB-mandated exams in the state of Florida.


E.C. 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Nope, it’ll never happen here because Grier has a very well paid statistician than can turn numbers into anything you ask. Grier can swindle a quickie from your grandmother without her even knowing what happened. Yeah, he’s a smooth one, Mr. Grierinch.

  2. And that’s unfortunate. Again, the only ones getting hurt are the children. It’s sad.

    E.C. 🙂

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