Posting District Check Registers Online?

Read this e-mail I received from a supporter right after I publicly declared my 2008 school board candidacy three months ago:

E.C., Check out this website of Peyton Wolcott.  She has some good ideas about how to address problems at school districts.  I think her idea of having districts post their check registers online is a great idea.  Then, we could actually see where the money is going.  This would be a great campaign idea to get the schools to be more transparent with their funds being spent.”

Ms. Wolcott just posted a white paper article to, the primary site/source of where I have been providing links to current educational stories since this new-and-improved blog was unveiled. She goes a little further in-depth as to why this sense of openness is necessary among school districts handling taxpayer money. Something like this would prevent fraud and mismanagement and taxpayers would see where all of the money is going.

I like this idea. Any takers? Comments?

E.C. 🙂


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