Chicago School Students Make Big Gains

Again, an example of how a big-city-run school system is making big turnarounds.

In the 1980s, then-U.S. Education Secretary William Bennett called Chicago Public Schools the “worst in the nation.” What a difference 20 years make. In a Chicago Sun-Times article, some of the lowest performing public elementary schools in Chicago are now posting some of the largest gains, both in the city itself, and statewide. Illinois’ NCLB-mandated exams, the Illinois Standards Achievement Tests (or ISATs), have been called into question as a result of the recently-released test scores.

“State Board of Education officials insisted 2006 ISAT questions were as tough as 2005 ones, but admitted the introduction of color, lots of graphics that kept kids’ attention, and a new answer sheet that made it harder for kids to fill in the wrong bubbles may have helped,” the article says. 

“It could have improved gains, absolutely,” said Interim [public education] State Supt. Chris Koch, in the article.

From worst to first! That was the title of a book released a few years ago where the then-Continental Airlines CEO Gordon Bethune wrote about the massive turnaround of Continental Airlines. That same theme could be applied to some of our most highest-impacted schools in North Carolina, including the ones on Judge Manning’s blacklist. If this turnaround can be done in the nation’s third largest city, most certainly it can be done in North Carolina.

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