Peyton Wolcott Supports This School Board Campaign

Review yesterday’s post on the idea of posting school system check registers online.

I said yesterday that I thought it was a very good idea. For any governmental body, the concept of transparency is good governing. And responsible governing seems to be a foreign idea to Guilford County Schools. The genius behind the idea of posting district check registers online is Peyton Wolcott, a national school reform advocate. Take another look at her site. Because she wrote in last night:

 “EC, just learned that you’re running for the school board in Guilford.  Congratulations on your decision to run. 

I have followed Terry Grier for some time now because of his involvement with ERDI.

On the far right side of my Reader Q&A you’ll find some pledges; the first pledge was one of the keys to our success in placing all five of our reform candidates on the local school board in May 2004.  (Things were so bad that in addition to the three spots coming up in normal rotation we had two resignations.)

The idea of getting school districts to post their check registers online has really taken off since it began Oct. 1; if you’d be willing to commit to pitching this to your board and/or community I’d be happy to put a red diamond on North Carolina on my new map. 

Wishing you all the best.

Peyton Wolcott”

I added her site to my blogroll on the right-hand side of this page. Since my school board campaign is a grass-roots effort, I think we can bring this idea to GCS’ attention publicly. I publicly support this idea. And I plan to work with Ms. Wolcott to make that happen in the weeks and months to come.

Many teachers, again, have sent me e-mails complaining about lack of supplies at their schools and wondering where all of the money is going. Teachers and citizens have the right to know where all of the money is going.

I have made this a campaign promise to ensure that all GCS facilities have the supplies they need to operate. I still find it crazy that teachers spend their own money to supply soap for school bathrooms. There’s something very wrong with that.

E.C. 🙂


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