Grier-isms–Part 3

Grier-isms is a feature in which we highlight the not-so-witty, half-cocked, and the just-plain-unreal and downright insensitive comments of our illustrious superintendent of schools, Terrence Grier (see more here).

In discussing the recent state dropout rates and questioning the accuracy of the system’s overall graduation rate versus the state’s, he told the Rhino Times: “We have one of the lowest dropout rates…the two just don’t add up.”

Unfortunately, he continued.

“We want to have accurate numbers.”

Then the babbling raged on.

“We discovered errors in the reporting…we are not trying to point blame.”

Uh, yes you are. As usual, the leadership of Guilford County Schools is weaseling out of their responsibility of graduating our children and passing the buck And passing the buck has to stop in Guilford County.

E.C. 🙂


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