GCS Striving? Achieving? Excelling? I Don’t Think So

I have to laugh every time I see that commercial on TV, or see the billboards touting Guilford Co. Schools as “striving…achieving…excelling.” The blurb was even on the outside envelope of my latest Time Warner Cable bill.

My opinion…if our schools were striving, and achieving and excelling (and don’t get me wrong, many of them do, but many of our schools are failing our children and they’re being failed by school system leadership that doesn’t support these schools), there would be no improvement plan, there would be no opt-out schools, there would be no crisis teams, state assistance or turnaround teams…if our schools were striving, achieving and excelling, there would be no out-of-control schools, there would be no schools on Judge Manning’s blacklist. Every school would have the supplies they need to succeed.

If our schools were striving, achieving and excelling, I wouldn’t be running for school board. But I am. Our children deserve better.

E.C. 🙂


9 Responses

  1. If they were Excelling…Achieving..blah, blah, blah then they wouldn’t have to pay to advertise that fact. It would be obvious. I’d love to know the budget for these ads. Do they really think they are gaining students from all this? Do they think that a parent with their child happily at private school will see that commercial and think “Oh my, I better transfer my child over there!”..or do they think that people will move to Guilford county because of those ads? What a JOKE! That money would better be spent on tutoring a children that can’t read.

  2. Can anyone tell me why the GCS is paying to run PR commercials on Television and has PR billboards on HWY 68 and 421 out by I-40 ?.

  3. Edit: PR commercials on Network Cable channels, not the school channel.

  4. hugh, because it makes Terry Grier look like the Great Innovator. That’s why. Guilford county is all about cosmetics. We all know that you can put lipstick on a pig. But, it’s still a pig.

  5. All cosmetics, no substance…

  6. Hugh et al,

    The advertising is being funded by Action Greensboro and they report that “No funds from Guilford County Schools are being used for the information campaign.” (See Campaign Q & As).

    I might well agree that this is money that could be better spent, that it is perception over substance, but it is being funded by business contributions to Action Greensboro, not GCS and how they spend that money is their prerogative, I guess.

  7. True, Roch, but they need to be a little more truthful in their advertising. Truth in advertising…

  8. How sad that “ACTION Greensboro” is funding commercials when as EC just posted, we have homeless kids in the system. Yes it’s their perogative but I’m sure they went to Grier and said, “how can we help”. Surely they didn’t think of commercials on their own. Since when do we need to advertise the local school system? That’s absurd! What next, commercials for our jails?

  9. All I’m saying is truth in advertising…anyone can walk into any of our high-impact schools or any middle school in this system and see that there’s not a lot of achieving, striving and excelling going on. Reread my posts on Kiser, for starters.

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