Black Parents Seek to Raise Ambitions: Wash. Post

Good parents, hopefully, have high expectations for their sons and daughters. But in the Northern Virginia (Washington DC)  suburbs of Loudoun County, a specific group of black parents have high expectations for their sons. They are pushing them to finish school on time, have options after they complete high school and not lower their test scores. See last month’s Washington Post for more on this.

Here’s an excerpt:

Twelve-year-old Alex Carter is an A student who loves science and reads a book a week. So it surprised his father when he announced last year that he didn’t want to enroll in an honors class that his teacher recommended for the following term.

“That class is for the smart people, the nerds,” Alex told him. His father replied, “Well, who are you?”

Alex is a junior league football player, an avid golfer and a lifelong suburbanite. He’s also one of only a handful of African American students in his seventh-grade class at Eagle Ridge Middle School in Ashburn. He dreams of becoming a professional athlete like his dad, Tom, who played cornerback for the Washington Redskins. But as he nears his teenage years in a predominantly white school in Loudoun County, his parents are concerned that he could abandon academic pursuits because he thinks they are better left to his white classmates.

That’s why Tom and Renee Carter joined last year with about 15 families, including the parents of nearly every black male sixth-grader, to push their sons to graduate on time in 2012 with options for the future and without lowering their expectations or test scores along the way. They call it Club 2012.

I think this is a good article to put in perspective. But here’s what i would add…I think all parents (of all races/cultures)should have just as high expectations for their sons (and daughters). All this is, my friends, is good parenting. And when you have good parenting, you have good children. When you have good children, it makes the job for teachers and public servants, much much easier.

E.C. 🙂


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