WS/FC Schools Charge $100 for Summer School: W-S Journal

Our neighbors to the west will charge $100 for students to enroll in summer school, partly in an effort to have students take summer school a little more seriously. See yesterday’s Winston-Salem Journal for more.

The article says: “Ninth-graders will be the first class having to meet new state graduation requirements, which include passing end-of-course tests in five subjects: Algebra I, Biology I, civics and economics, U.S. history and English I.

“Those requirements – and higher standards on math tests – mean that more students will need to attend summer school if they don’t pass the tests in those subjects, said Paul Puryear, the assistant superintendent for high schools, in the article. Before, students could fail the test but still pass the class if their grades were high enough.

“Students who have already taken end-of-course tests have not done as well as students in the past few years, Puryear said in the article.

“So far, 1,010 got scores low enough to need remediation in three subjects – Algebra I, Biology I and English I.

“For the same period last year, 692 needed remediation,” the article states.

Guess you can thank NCLB for that. Lovely…

E.C. 🙂


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