GCS Needs to Create a Volunteer Corps

Similar to the AmeriCorps group of volunteers who go out and perform acts of national service, GCS needs to create a similar volunteer group who will go into our schools and help tutor, help securing our halls and cafeterias, help with getting our students to class (on time), help with substitute teaching and EOC/EOG test proctoring. Right now, it is loosely left up to individual schools with not-so-great results.

How’s that for Grier’s site-based management?

An example…before I started teaching, I walked into Grimsley H.S. one day in an attempt to sign up to volunteer my time in some way for our children, whether it was helping with hall/cafeteria duty or proctoring EOCs. I never got a call to help.

Consider this story from today’s Philadelphia Daily News…citizens moving from welfare to work are signing up to volunteer as part of their community service requirement. And results are happening.

“About 100 parent volunteers already have been placed in the schools and another 100 parents “are in the pipeline” to begin helping, said Ed Schwartz, founder and president of the Institute for the Study of Civic Values. What’s more, the parents will be assigned to the schools their children attend, ” Schwartz said in the article.

I don’t know about you, but I know of many schools in our system that can use volunteers in the halls and classrooms.

E.C. 🙂


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