So the Teachers Are to Blame for Disrespect in the Classroom?

God bless the Rhino Times. God bless Darlene Garrett.

Education reporter Jana Benscoter reports that during the School Resource Officer discussion at the Board meeting this past week, the Board disrespected just about every teacher once again. Benscoter reports that many Board members discussed “whether they should look at teacher discipline referrals to see if there is a trend from certain teachers as to which are being sent to the office and how often,” Benscoter’s story says.

The progressive Board member Darlene Garrett shot back, saying “I have to stand up for teachers.” The Board, Benscoter says, is now assuming the teacher is to blame for attempting to enforce discipline in the classroom. “They [students] are stopping the educational process, using profanity. We are doing them a disservice if we don’t teach them that that’s wrong,” Garrett said at the meeting, as reported in the Rhino.

In the end, the SROs, who were threatened to be pulled out of the schools will stay, despite the unhappiness by Amos Quick (who supports law enforcement but wants more of your taxpayer money put on the prevention side than the law enforcement side), Deena Hayes (who wants to look at the issue again in the future and continues to be concerned about students being charged and taken “downtown”), Dot Kearns (who thought the issue needs to be examined more deeper in general) and Kris Cooke (who wanted to vote on two separate issues and not tie the SROs and discipline altogether) as reported by the Rhino.

Kearns and Cooke voted against the measure; their terms are up in 2008, along with Quick. By the way, Garrett’s term is up in ’08 also. She will be reelected easily.

And people wonder why public opinion of our school board and the leadership of our schools continues to set new lows.

E.C. 🙂


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