You’re Being Grier-ended on the School Suspension Rate

Make no mistake about it folks and mark my words, the suspension rate has not been reduced because of progressive programs GCS is doing, the rate has been reduced because principals are being told by Central Office not to suspend students…period. End of story, end of discussion.

And yet, Grier & Company continue to testify and principals continue to deny that they’re being directly told not to suspend students. This is criminal, it is an outrage and in my opinion, it is hurtful to the many school staffers that attempt to do their job to the best of their ability and it is harmful to the taxpayers who fund this school system.

See last week’s Rhino Times for more on this.

Jana Benscoter’s story from last week also mentions the ongoing problems at Kiser Middle School, many of which have been chronicled on this blog. Benscoter writes: “At Kiser, the ratio of black students who served long-term suspensions in 2003-2004 dropped from 22 black students to one white student to seven black students to one white student. The ratio of long-term suspensions at Grimsley was 44 black students to one white student in 2003-2004, and 41 black students to one white student in 2004-2005.”

Staffers at Kiser want you, the public, to know that you’re being hoodwinked. A Rhino “Beep” comment in this week’s edition mentions the following: “…the only way that we have reduced the suspension rate [at Kiser] by half is simply, we don’t suspend kids regardless of what they do at the school. The discipline is worse than ever and the school is basically out of control thanks in part to the fact that  we don’t suspend kids.”

When is someone within this system (besides board member Darlene Garrett) going to start questioning these things and start asking the tough questions that need to be asked? These are our schools and our children we’re talking about!

E.C. 🙂


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