School Board Hosts “Dog & Pony” Show With State Reps

GCS school leaders hobbed-nobbed with Guilford County’s elected state delegation at the new Northern Middle School yesterday in an effort to lobby for more money on the eve of GCS’ annual budget crunch. See HP Enterprise story for more coverage.

“There are a lot of needs … and we need more resources,” board member Darlene Garrett told legislators, as quoted by the article.

Interestingly enough, and here’s the real story…mission possible may be slowly becoming Mission Impossible.

An excerpt from the article:

Several lawmakers asked what kind of impact so far this year the teacher incen­tive program has had in the classroom. Peggy Thompson, the district’s hu­man resources officer, said more teach­ing candidates are showing interest in schools identified under Mission Pos­sible. However, Mack Mc Cary, chief aca­demic officer for the district, said the program has helped but hasn’t solved a lot of the issues facing low-performing schools. In terms of student performance, it’s “too early to tell if Mission Possible is working,” Mc Cary added.


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  1. Great threads EC. I enjoy reading your blog.

    Do you think parents should know why a teacher is either fired or suspended? A teacher at Southwest middle has been either fired or suspended this week. Shouldn’t the taxpayers and parents of students that have/had that teach be privvy as to why? I get annoyed that GC schools prefers to be so hush-hush–then they wonder why they have no support. Can you please try to find out about this teacher? I actually thought he was a great teacher and my daughter had him and thought so too. What’s up with this? In the midst of teacher shortages in this county I would hope there’d be a good reason to fire a teacher mid year…?????? very strange??? and WHO does the firing? Does that come down from central office or is it the principle? I very annoyed to never know what’s going on at my child’s school! There is NO communication with parents! I have several other examples of this lack of communication too!

  2. Hey, thanks for the good words, W.G.O. Stick around, I’m glad you’re on board.

    I’ll put some feelers out there and will see what I can find out. I think some of the top reasons are if something inappropriate occurred, that would probably be instant grounds. And if that was the case, then yes, parents do have the right to know. And the school has the right and the school system has the duty to make that information public. Do pass on and share whatever you have, it is my right and duty to make it public on this blog.

  3. Thanks EC. I’m just so tired of NOT knowing anything and being the last to know something that I think parents should know FIRST. Another peeve I have is that my daughter’s science teacher quit in the middle of the year! No note sent home-NOTHING! Weeks went by and NO teacher. Then a supposed replacement and THAT teacher quit!! –AGAIN, NO commmunication to parents about ANYTHING! Finally a very nice teacher stepped up and started teaching extra classes probably because she felt sorry for these kids having no teacher. Now I beleive they have a replacement but I have no idea if it’s permanent or a temp–because the school has NEVER mentioned it! Do they think parents didn’t notice that their kids were short a teacher? Now I’m concerned that my child has missed important info in this core subject area AND I’m wondering that grades weren’t kept accuratley during all this chaos. At interim time my daughter’s interim had a mistake and it made it look like she was getting a C in the class when she was suppose to be getting an A. So now I worry that these kids have all gotten lost in the teacher shuffle!

    I have MORE peeves EC. I could go on all day! NO one seems to care! Now I hear that the principal has turned in his resignation as well so now I really think that NO ONE gives a CRAP at this school!…it seems they all just can’t wait to get the year over with. I must say that I commend the one female teacher that on her own volunteered to step up and teach extra classes.

    There was another incident with a knife at the school. Were parents notified? NO. I heard about this because a neighbor child was in the class where the weapon was found. How many other classes have had weapons? We’ll never know because there’s a GAG order secretly in place in these schools! I think administrators are so afraid the truth will come out and they have told the teachers to NOT talk about anything! I feel so sorry for the teachers in our schools. Their hands are tied. I wonder if they speak out, do they get the AX?? Is that what happened to the teacher at SWM? I would wager a YES!

  4. W.G.O.: that’s the problem in this county, we’re running off good teachers and that shouldn’t be, and now we’re running off good administrators; they just don’t want to be bothered. Something’s gotta give, as they say. It’s sad. That’s why I feel so strongly about this campaign. I’m in this to win. We all want our schools back, and not just back in the neighborhood, but back from the politicians and the idiots that are ruining this system. I’m going to call a coffee meeting of some concerned NHP parents real soon, I think I’ll plan it for April, right after Easter break. Let me know if you want to come and/or help set it up. We need to do something and the time is now.

  5. Count me on on the coffee. I have friends that want to come too.

  6. Excellent; I’ll keep everyone posted; I’ll try to set it up for like mid-April and I’m probably looking at a Saturday morning. Locations…probably either the Starbucks on 68 over by the Palladium or the Panera Bread. I’ll keep everyone posted. Watch for a posting on this later today.

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