Another Example of NCLB-LMCB (leaves many children behind)

Illinois State Achievement Tests are being given this week in the Prairie State and state education officials are conceding that there are mistakes in the exams…oh geez, here we go again. See today’s Chicago Sun-Times for more.

This blog writes itself, my friends.

An excerpt from the article:

This year’s mistakes follow a host of problems to last year’s elementary tests, including test booklets that arrived late, with missing or misprinted pages.

This year’s tests contained 13 errors — nine in tests of third-grade reading and math; fourth-grade math; fifth-grade math; sixth-grade reading and math; seventh-grade reading; and eighth-grade math, said State Board of Education spokesman Matt Vanover.

Four other errors occurred in the instruction manual, a sample question and a Braille test, Vanover said.

In seventh-grade reading, booklets mistakenly directed students to answer one question on the wrong page. In sixth-grade math, a pilot question was listed in centimeters, but all the answers were in inches.

Two questions will be tossed, five items will be “fixed in scoring,” and two pilot items will be disregarded, Vanover said.

But more important is this last paragraph:

Illinois’ repeated snafus are “further proof that the testing industry is overextended and cannot be trusted,” said Bob Schaefer of the testing watchdog FairTest.


E.C. 🙂


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