Support Repeal of NCLB…Support HR 1539

Time to get on the horn and call your congressman and tell him/her to support HR-1539, the new Academic Partnerships Leads Us to Success Act of 2007, which essentially repeals No Child Left Behind-Leaves Many Children Behind. NC Reps. Virginia Foxx (from the Triad) and Patrick McHenry are co-sponsors of this bill. See this commentary from for more background.

An excerpt:

 Chief author Rep. Pete Hoekstra of Michigan told CNS News, “With No Child Left Behind we shifted down the road toward federal government education. We are now on the road to a national curriculum, national accountability, national testing…and then we will also have a process of federally mandated corrections standards for those who don’t meet the standards.” Hoekstra added, “Every school in the country will begin to look exactly the same. Say goodbye to local control, and say hello to federal government schools.”

Neal McCluskey, a political analyst with the Center for Educational Freedom at the Cato Institute, said, “Federal education programs live or die by whether or not they work politically, not academically.” Dr. Karen Effrem of EdWatch said it is for that reason that, “every member of Congress should be on this list of bill sponsors. NCLB was never a good plan for academics,” Effrem stated. “It was always about politics, which is exactly why education should be out of the hands of Washington, DC bureaucrats. Take our schools out of the hands of politicians and put them back in the hands of the local communities.”        

“We expect an outpouring of public support for this bill,” said Effrem, “and it will take that kind of effort. Congress doesn’t willingly release its hold on anything. It’s time for people to speak up clearly, with a united voice.”

E.C. 🙂


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