Schools’ Parent-Teacher Groups Go High-Tech: Reuters

In this Reuters wire story from earlier in the month, parent-teacher groups and their members are turning increasingly to cyberspace to get the word out from bake sales to fundraising to yes…complaining about schools.

Take a look:

“Parents are absolutely more tech-savvy in everything, from making announcements to online fund-raising to connecting more with communities, school administrations, managing calendars and scheduling all kinds of events online,” said Jenni Gaster Sopko, a spokeswoman for the National PTA, which counts 26,000 chartered PTAs around the country among its members.

With PTAs and similar parent-teacher organizations (PTOs) finding more professionals and gadget-friendly parents among their ranks, they have evolved into lean, mean business machines. Their accomplishments include raising tens of thousands of dollars annually, lobbying Congress, championing changes like playground upgrades and new after-school programs, and even taking on some budget-squeezed schools’ administrative functions.

And as this transformation has occurred, various Web-oriented companies have stepped up to meet PTAs’ and other parent groups’ technological and organizational needs.

I especially like this last part of the article:

Another concern is the growing tendency among parents to air complaints and concerns involving their schools and children electronically rather than in person.

“E-mails are not a substitute for face-to-face meetings that ought to take place from time to time. Some things are lost in electronic communications, especially when it comes to matters of children, which can be complicated,” said Vincent Ferrandino, executive director of the National Association of Elementary School Principals.

Sound familiar?

E.C. 🙂


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