Detroit mayor pursues more charter, private schools: Detroit Free Press

Check out this article from today’s Detroit Free Press.

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick said yesterday he wants to establish more charter and private schools across the Motor City, this despite the pending opposition of the school board and the local teacher’s union.

An excerpt:

“I tried to take over the schools, and there was a vote, and they voted no. … It’s the craziest thing,” Kilpatrick said. “So I can’t make decisions about what happens to schools. I didn’t make decisions on what schools to close. They didn’t even tell me about it.

“It’s a really bad situation. We have a new housing community going right up next to a school that was being closed. I had to … run over to the school system and say, ‘Please leave this school open because we have 1,500 houses going up around it.’ So we have a really deformed process in the city of Detroit right now.”

The district’s board voted Friday against closing any schools, despite the district running a deficit and losing a tenth of its student body last year. The mayor said he’s looking at what works in all schools — public, private and parochial.


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