The Half-Billion Dollar GCS “Wish-List”

Today’s News & Record gives the complete roll-up of what Guilford County Schools would like to be included as part of the proposed 2007 bond referendum. A half-a-billion dollars.

Of course, this is on the basis of the bond passing in November. Wishful thinking.

In my opinion, the Board had better start making plans now to begin asking the County Commissioners about plan B because I honestly think this bond will have a tough time at the polls in November. I’m not anti-growth, I’m not anti-education (or I wouldn’t be running for school board next year)…we need new and upgraded facilities…badly! But we also need to be fiscally prudent about it. There’s entirely too much waste going on downtown and nothing is being done about it and I can’t stand it. And this November, I have a funny feeling the taxpayers of this county are going to put their foot down and say no.

 E.C. 🙂


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