Many teachers see failure in students’ future: USA Today

This is a damning article from the USA Today this week: nearly one in four teachers say children will not be successful in college. According to a poll released by the National School Boards Association, even more say students today are “unmotivated to learn.”

Skip the article and go straight to the survey and report here.

An excerpt from the USA Today article:

The results were surprising even to the study’s author, Brian Perkins, a professor of education law and policy at Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven, Conn.

“I anticipated that there would be some teachers who feel that way,” he says. “What I did not anticipate was the number who responded that they didn’t think students would be successful.”

White teachers seem to have the bleakest view: 24.5% predict failure in college, higher than among black (22.1%) or Hispanic (17.6%) teachers.

Administrators paint a rosier picture: Only 7% predict the same for their students. But 15.6% say their students “are not motivated to learn.”

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  1. Many teachers see failure in students’ future: USA Today

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