Other Briefs From Last Night’s Meeting

See again complete coverage in today’s HP Enterprise and N&R.

Debate on Middle School Scheduling, here’s an excerpt from the Enterprise:

School officials are propos­ing scheduling changes for the district’s 20 middle schools, hoping to lengthen class time in core subjects such as math and English and limiting time in elective courses such as art and music.
School officials think the changes could boost academic performance among middle school students.

The Board is preparing to ask the County Board for a Certificate of Participation to help rebuild EGHS, see excerpt:

The Board of Education voted Thursday to authorize Chief Finance Officer Sharon Ozment to seek $53 million in financing through a certificate of participation for the construction during the commissioner’s meeting April 19.A certificate of participation, a type of loan that carries more expensive interest rates than a bond, does not require public approval.

The district would use $8 million in insurance funds fronted by the state Department of Public Instruction until the two agencies reach a final settlement on the high school.

“If this was any other kind of project … I would have voted no,” board member Anita Sharpe said after the vote. “I believe $53 million is too high.”

E.C. 🙂


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