More on Redistricting

See today’s articles in the High Point Enterprise for more coverage (main article here and sidebar here).

An excerpt:

Southwest Guilford High currently does not offer a specialty program, but the themes work in the same way magnet programs func­tion at the middle and elementary level – to attract students.
“There’s nothing at Southwest that would attract students, and quite frank­ly there is no space,” Superintendent Terry Grier said during Thursday’s dis­cussion on choice options for students. Members of the Guilford County Board of Education forged through a lengthy agenda on Thursday, not reach­ing discussion until after 11:30 p.m. on a proposal to create attendance optional zones in High Point. Board member Wal­ter Childs made the motion to table dis­cussion until more board members were present.

Sounds like another installment of Grierisms! What a boneheaded remark.

E.C. 🙂


11 Responses

  1. …Thus the fake magnets at Central and Andrews to entice students away from Southwest. The ONLY way to keep students from SW is to STOP BUILDING SO MANY NEW NEIGHBORHOODS OVER THERE! Families who live in the SW zone and wish to utilize SW are called RACISTS for the mere fact that they want to use the school around the corner! If it’s so jamm-packed Terry dumb-a$$ Grier, WHY are you BUSING MORE KIDS OVER THERE????????????? This stupid sick joke has got to END.

    NO CHOICE======NO BONDS!!!! Bumber stickers are coming SOON!

  2. Any findings on the new World-Class Magnet at Andrews? I’m fascinated by this. Also in today’s N&R they highlighted the new courses that will be offered at GTCC for future HondaJet employees–but sadly, no mention of Grier’s new thought-of-it-in-the-middle-of-the-night idea for Andrews. Poor Andrews, this is definitely another gimmick that will again produce NO students.

  3. EC, where’d you go? Don’t leave us now!!!

  4. My daytime network has been down–I feel naked. I’ve been without a network during the day for two days straight and I’ve been away the last couple of evenings with the Mrs. (did I mention we’re buying a house in North High Point-ground zero) and that’s taken up a bunch of time…trust me, it’s all building up and I’ve got a lot to say, hang tight, I’m not going anywhere. I promise.

  5. Well when Terrence gets his graduating seniors GTCC scholarships at our expense, its a natural transition 🙂 I say that with a straight face!

  6. You’re moving to NHP? ARE YOU NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!??????? Where are you buying? Maybe we’re neighbors!

  7. Say it ain’t so Mr. Huey!! Don’t put your kids in the High Point schools. They will only be used as pawns by Grier in his sick game of “S-W-A-P” (Students Without A Prayer—of attending their closest school).

  8. I can tell you both it was not a politically-motivated decision, but rather a private and personal one. Not to worry, though. My little one will never become a Grier pawn if I have anything to do with it.

  9. That’s what me and my neighbors used to think. You would think that common sense would prevail but it doesn’t…in High Point.

  10. There is a lot of attention focused on the High Point issues, deservedly so. I bring to the table another issue, one that concerns me. Our family lives closer to the new Northern than to Northeast, but our children will continue to go to Northeast. I would like a dialogue with someone about gas prices–they are at $3.00 per gallon. No one seems to talk about the fact that we are putting funds for education right into the hands of the oil companies. I can’t get anyone on the school board to listen to me. Someone please help!!

  11. That’s why I continue to be a big proponent of neighborhood schools for EVERYONE in Guilford County. Students should be allowed to attend their closest school that’s closest to their home. That’s a basic right and a first freedom. So Ms. Hamilton, you won’t get an argument from me on that. Busing costs money.

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