When Magnets Go Wrong

First things first…my daytime network has been down–I feel naked.

I’ve been without a network during the day for two days straight and I’ve been away the last couple of evenings with the Mrs. (did I mention we’re buying a house in North High Point-ground zero) and that’s taken up a bunch of time…trust me, it’s all building up and I’ve got a lot to say, but as I mentioned today, I’m not going anywhere. But I may be away for a day or so over the next month…not to worry. I’ll be right here.

Magnets…I mentioned before that GCS is not doing magnets correctly, in my opinion. There are way too many, and many of them are not being properly supported downtown (such as the Montlieu “math and science academy.”)

For example, look at this previous blog post. And review these remarks I made at a High Point area workshop with GCS Magnets director Tony Burks back in January. Apparently it unfazes Terry the Turkey, who wants to invent an aviation magnet program at Andrews.

Just concentrate on the 3 Rs, Terrence, the 3 Rs. Please.

E.C. 🙂


2 Responses

  1. The only good magnets in Guilford County are the black and yellow ones on the back of cars. The rest are jokes.

  2. And I’ll take some of those magnets too!

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