This Blog Goes National…Sorta

We’ve just received some subtle, yet unexpected national attention.

I’ll explain…back on March 15, I made a blog entry discussing how a group of black parents in Loudoun County, Virginia, just outside of Washington, DC, were proud to have high expectations for their sons. I also referenced a Washington Post article as part of the entry.

The Washington Post, and I think this is neat, publishes as part of most of their online artcles, a list of bloggers who are discussing their stories. My blog site, currently, is the top site on their list right now. Click here, scroll down near the bottom, and you’ll see it listed under “who’s blogging.”

So if you’re joining us from outside of Guilford County, North Carolina, we welcome you. Stick around. You’re going to have some fun, I promise you.

E.C. 🙂


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