Racial balance in jeopardy at Conn. schools: Boston Globe

Some places are actually worse than High Point when it comes to redistricting and “diversifying our schools.”

Guess we’d better thank our lucky stars this isn’t Hartford, Conn., where six schools there are being warned that their enrollments “do not reflect the demographics of their communities and might violate the state’s racial balance law.”

See Boston Globe article here for more.

An excerpt:

The state Department of Education’s yearly progress report, presented Thursday to the state Board of Education, said minority enrollments in those schools far exceed the average minority enrollments in their districts.

The schools are New Lebanon School and Hamilton Avenue School in Greenwich; McKinley School in Fairfield; Eastern Point School in Groton; and the Charter Oak Academy of Global Studies and the Smith School of Science, Math and Technology, both in West Hartford.

The 27-year-old state law says the proportion of minority students in any school must not be more than 25 percentage points above or below a district’s overall average.

Twelve other districts are slated to receive warning letters that schools they run are in impending danger of tipping the racial balance in violation of the law.

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