Diversity officer: Blame part of workshops: HP Enterprise

GCS’ new “diversity officer” tells all in an interview with the High Point Enterprise, click here for the article.

An excerpt:

Dis­mantling racism and cul­tural barriers in schools should not be about blame, Guilford County Schools’ new diversity officer says.
Since coming to the school system last summer, Monica Walker has tried to get school communities, especially tea­chers, to understand that first and foremost.
“Teachers already have a great sense of being over­whelmed by responsibilities, and some are feeling like they arebeing blamed for what is or isn’t working,” Walker said.

Commentary: I remember teachers I worked with who grumbled about having to attend these “undoing racism” workshops as the dawn of Mission (im)Possible began last year. These teachers and staff don’t need healing, for in my opinion, it is certain school board members that need to attend and would benefit from this type of training. As I’ve said before, this is money being wasted where it could very well go back into the classrooms and schools.


E.C. 🙂


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  1. Mr. Huey, I want to be the first “NHPer” to welcome you to our hood! We’re nice folk over here and welcome you with open arms!! There are other areas of High Point that would not be so welcoming–like Dotty’s hood for example. I must give you one bit of warning though, KEEP AND EYE ON YOUR CHILDREN! They will be “swapped, kidnapped, traded, stolen” in the blink of an eye!

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