Choice Debate: Kris Cooke Damns Herself, Deena Wants Dialogue

I’m not going to call it redistricting anymore, this is different from a redistricting debate, this is a debate on choice.

So, in advance of tonight’s pow-wow on Eugene Street, some additional thoughts:

1. Today’s News & Record…Kris Cooke Damns herself. Follow me here.

Kris Cooke says the following:

Kris Cooke knows no matter what she and the school board decide, some Guilford County parents aren’t going to be happy.

“It’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t,” Cooke said.

There’s more:

Cooke said she wondered whether giving some High Point parents a choice would be fair when students throughout the district have faced redistricting. For example, some students living closest to Page High School now attend Eastern High about 12 miles away because of a 1999 redistricting plan, she said.

“I am completely in turmoil over it,” Cooke said. “It’s the first thing I think in the morning and the last thing I think at night.”

So really, she’s damning herself because she voted for the three rounds of redistricting. Could it be guilt?

2. Deena wants dialogue. Deena Hayes says in the same article: Deena Hayes said the board’s conversation about High Point needs to include all the stakeholders — students, parents, High Point leaders and school officials.

“We have to weigh a whole lot of information,” Hayes said. “The data bounces around so much.”

So I expect to see Deena at our April 21 coffee meeting, along with Joe Alston and Bernita Simms and other key stakeholders, on our turf, so we can have the necessary dialogue to hammer things out.

It’s going to be a wild meeting and probably a late night. Let’s all have an open mind, an open heart. Kudos to our friend Martin Phillips, who’s petition has garnered over 600 signatures all over High Point and beyond (again, more than “just a few disgruntled families”).

It’s called making a statement without saying a word.

Let’s get ready to rumble!

E.C. 🙂


7 Responses

  1. Kris needs to be remembered of the turmoil she felt waaay back after the lottery was dismantled. She sat during one BOE meeting with her face all crinkled and teary and her head lowered in shame as she pleaded with families to forgive her for the mistakes of her past and how she NOW can see the lottery and busing kids was never good and how she can’t sleep at night and how she just needs to get this all off her chest. She put on a very emtional show that evening and it looked to me that she actually meant it. I got the feeling from that very public display of confession that she would NEVER again go against what the majority of people wanted in any district.

    Mr. Philips petition is just a sample of the community but it is evident that CHOICE is what most families want. I can’t imagine anyone NOT allowing a choice. Also, it seems to me that Kris Cookie herself allowed a select group from HER district the choice when it was an election year.

    Funny how choice is good ONLY during an election year! Cookie better feel damned if she AGAIN goes against the wishes of the majority–especially when she wouldn’t do the same in her own district!

  2. How can she feel “damned” by giving people a real choice? Everybody is happy…well, all the kids are.

    And let me be very clear….Bernita Sims does NOT represent ME! That’s like saying that just because Deena is on the board, that her views are my views.

  3. EC HUEY! Thank you for spending all night at the board meeting! I saw that crowd you were with. Aren’t they something special?

  4. Martin and John and the others are true class acts. I hope my presence helped the vote and obviously the vote was in our favor.

  5. E.C. Could you post the time and place of the coffee discussion?

    Thank you.


  6. oops – just saw the link – I will try to be there but lots of rushing around that day – it is Southwest High’s prom day. If I can’t make it, I will definitely come to the next one.

    EC Thanks for staying for the school board meeting.

  7. No problem, I’m going to work up a flyer and press release over the next day or so. The crux of the discussion will probably be “now what…” I’m hopeful that Dot & Deena will show up so we can have the dialogue they so badly wanted, but I’m not holding my breath.

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