The Rest of the Meeting

Hold on to your wallets…here’s the list of the construction bond projects that will go out for public comment shortly:

(Project figures exclude inflation)
Jamestown Middle, $28.1 million: Additional funding for new school.
Ragsdale High, $28 million: Expansion and renovations, autism wing.
Special Education Center West, $7 million: Additional funding for new school.
Southeast High, $27.9 million: Classrooms, media center and gym.
Alamance Elementary, $17 million: Addition and renovations.
Summerfield Elementary, $15 million: Classrooms, media center, cafeteria expansion.
Southwest High, $26 million: Classrooms, media center and gym.
Southeast area elementary, $27.9 million: With autism wing.
Allen Middle, $7.6 million: Classrooms and auxiliary gym.
Southeast Middle, $9.6 million: Auxiliary gym, media center and cafeteria expansion.
Northern Greensboro elementary, $19.2 million: New school to help the Jesse Wharton and Brightwood areas.
Grimsley High, $9.8 million: Cafeteria addition, renovations to gym and stadium.
Airport area high, $66.3 million: New school, including site cost.
Northwest Middle, $3.3 million: Auxiliary gym.
Allen Jay Middle, $11.2 million: Renovation.
Dudley High, $2.6 million: Renovation of English building for academy.
Airport area middle, $40.9 million: With autism wing.
Dudley High, $3 million: Upgrade athletics facilities.
Mobile classrooms, $2 million: Relocation costs at construction projects.
High Point Central, $4.5 million: Upgrade lighting and technology and renovate gym.
Hunter Elementary, $17.1 million: Renovations and addition.
Craven Pre-K and Autistic, $13.8 million: Renovate empty building to house pre-K and autism program.
Northwest High, $2 million: Upgrade athletics facilities.
Simeon Stadium, $2 million: Upgrade athletics facilities.
HVAC, $7 million: Improvements.
Page High, $2 million: Upgrade athletics facilities.

And here’s Terry the Turkey’s more-than-half-a-billion dollar budget for next year…ouch.

E.C. 🙂


3 Responses

  1. Just curious why SWHS’s booster club is raising money to build a new field house when other schools have these things paid for by the taxpayers of Guilford County in the form of a bond.

  2. Great question. Can you go to the bond hearing meetings and/or write Terry Grier and the school board about this? I do think tennis courts for SWH could be in the bond package but I might be wrong.

  3. I’m still going to need a lot of convincing before I fully support this bond. I wish there was another way. I still oppose it on principle, and if there is a better way to build new facilities, someone speak out, I’m listening. I just cringe when I see the waste downtown and this is money that can be used to build and upgrade our facilities.

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