Real Choice Wins: What the Press is Saying

A roll-up of what the other pubs are saying about the “Real” choice debate:

News & Record, 4/12/07: Garth Hebért thought his solution was simple: Let parents choose which schools their children will attend and halt the flow of students out of Andrews High and Welborn Middle. But the school board member said he was shocked at the public response during the past two weeks to his proposal, which the board narrowly passed early Wednesday.

“It was not that big of a deal,” he said. “I guess I was kind of taken aback.”

Parents whose children were reassigned between Andrews and Southwest high schools and between Welborn and Southwest middle schools will get to opt out of a redistricting plan that took effect in August . This fall, parents can enroll their children closer to home.

District officials had not determined Wednesday how they will handle requests for school relocations, said Doyle Craven, the student assignment director. Craven must identify and notify eligible families, he said.

“We’re still trying to get information together at this point,” he said.

And here’s an interesting quote from Nancy Routh: “The issues of the redistricting in High Point have been discussed and argued and debated since the first night I sat on the board,” said Routh, a member since 2002. “I’d like to think that at some point in time we could focus on what the real need is, which is educating our children.”

High Point Enterprise, 4/12/07: Board member Nancy Routh ab­stained from casting a vote on the matter, citing her daugh­ter’s recent appointment as principal of Southwest Mid­dle School as being a potential conflict of interest.

The current attendance plan had been shrouded in contro­versy since its inception at the beginning of this school year, with supporters saying it would help to ease racial tensions in the community and opponents, many of them north High Point parents, say­ing it unfairly penalized their children for political reasons out of their control.

Board member Garth He­bert of High Point – who pro­posed the concept to allow re­districted families to choose which schools their children attend – said as a result of Tuesday’s vote, parents will now have the opportunity to reassign their children to schools closer to their homes as early as next school year.

The Rhino Times, 4/12/07: High Point residents in favor of the plan who waited to see what the end result would be said the meeting was like an emotional rollercoaster up until the final vote was taken.

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