Real Thoughts From a Real Assistant Principal: Rhino Times

From a “Beep” in this week’s Rhino Times:

Yes, I would like to comment on the Guilford County School Board. My comments are particularly directed to Amos Quick and Mrs. Deena Hayes, which seem to be the most verbal of the current members. As an assistant principal in Guilford County, I would challenge them to come into the schools and see what’s actually going on, and I’m not talking about a five-minute walk through. I’m talking about possibly several days or a week to actually see what it’s like in the public schools with the Guilford County school system. Until they do that, they have nothing to base their information on.

Real words. Real thoughts. Just like that Geico commercial.

I would love for this AP to e-mail me, I’ll be glad to take a tour, although I know exactly what’s going on in our schools.

E.C. 🙂


6 Responses

  1. That grammar from an assistant principal? Sheesh!

  2. I noticed that beep immediately. Let’s see if Amos or Deena takes up the challenge. I bet Deena alredy knows what goes on too. One reason she did not want School Watch in schools….more “pipeline to prison” in her opinion. Do some of these kids realize that there would be no “pipeline to prison” if they followed the rules? That would be too simple. Just like the Dudley student at the board meeting who missed windows in ISS. ISS isn’t meant to be fun. If he made a bad choice in the first place resulting in ISS he is the one responsible for “missing his education”.

  3. It is just a phone call on a beep not a term paper. The Rhino could have typed it wrong but the message is REAL clear.

  4. Roch, you’d be surprised what’s in our schools…it is downright scary sometimes. And Bob, the message is very clear. A 5-min. walk-through does not give it justice. Yes, spend about a week and your eyes really open wide. Even sub for three days and you have a better sense of the problems and what needs to change. And it’s countywide.

  5. I believe every school board member should have to sub in our high schools and middle schools for at least 1 day per month at the minimum. This should also include paid employees of Guilford Education Alliance. They have NO clue.

  6. I just spoke to a teacher yesterday at the “face to face pick up your report card” thingy and this teacher is fairly new and doesn’t think he’s gonna make it till the end of the year. It’s sad, very sad. He says he spends the entire day on discipline and hasn’t really taught the subject area since he’s been there. I asked if he’d be there next year and he said not likely and he hopes to just finish out this year. His #1 issue, no respect/discipline. This is truly a shame. Great job Guilford County. And this is a school that just had it’s resource officer yanked.

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