Moving 6th grade back seen as benefiting students: LA Times

Another argument for focusing more on the latter years of elementary school and that tender transition time…here’s an article from today’s LA Times.

An excerpt:

For the parents at this school meeting, the question was a no-brainer: How many of you want to see your sixth-graders stay in elementary school rather than move on to middle school? About 50 hands shot up. Middle school, they said, was too big, too scary, too much for an 11-year-old.

The parents, mostly from Mayberry Street Elementary near Silver Lake, agreed to push the Los Angeles Unified School District to reconfigure their elementary school. Among other requirements, they would need the approval of their principal and local superintendent.

“This is serious for us,” said Joseph Lightfoot, who organized last month’s meeting and has a son in fifth grade. “It’s time to take action.”

The movement to keep sixth-graders in elementary school has been gaining momentum for several years within the district and elsewhere. The idea is being driven by parents who fear the crowding, safety and academic problems associated with middle schools. In the last five years, L.A. Unified has added sixth grade to at least 14 schools that ran from kindergarten through fifth grade.

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