Reidsville Implements Uniforms: N&R

See today’s N&R story as the Rockingham Co. School Board voted to implement a standard mode of dress for Reidsville Middle and H.S. next fall.

An excerpt:

Despite opposition from a packed meeting room, the Rockingham County Board of Education voted Monday night to implement uniforms at Reidsville middle and high schools in the fall. Upon hearing the 8-4 decision, Reidsville High students Rebekah Inman and Brittany Gibson burst into tears.

“Our freedom and our right to be individuals and who we are is being taken away,” Inman, a junior, said outside the meeting.

This marks the two schools’ third attempt at implementing a dress standard.

Efforts in previous years yielded a lack of support, Reidsville Middle principal Louise Uziel said recently.

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3 Responses

  1. I can picture it now…Rockingham School Board members hanging in effigy, signs and t-shirts calling for their ouster, protests by students, letters to the editor by the dozens, maybe even a lawsuit.

    Ahhh, those were the good ol’ days.

  2. “SMOD” is such a cop-out. Grier tries it too and it’s laughable. UNIFORMS–REAL uniforms, have actually made an impact in some systems. SMOD on the other hand is tan pants that are still allowed to show buttocks, and collared shirts that are still allowed to be 10x oversized. SMOD does nothing for the achievement level and like I said, it’s a cop-out. Administrators need to do two things in schools where they feel the need to tighten rules: implement a REAL uniform AND enforce conduct codes. “SMOD” is NOT going to do it for them. I’m really sick of systems with no backbone to enforce NICE upon their students. NICE will go a LOT longer than any SMOD. I remember the days when not being NICE got you a pretty good swat.

  3. NICE had a good point…why don’t we just enforce the rules that we have on the books…real simple, doesn’t cost a dime. But then again, we don’t want to suspend.

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