Superintendent’s FY08 Budget Request Supports a Number of Critical Priorities: GCS

I report…you decide.

Click here for Dr. Grier’s budget message for 2007-08…and it’s a doozy.

An excerpt:

As we move into Fiscal Year 2007-08 (FY08), the Guilford County Schools (GCS) leadership and community is keenly aware of the continuing financial challenges we face, but optimistic about the potential to make another modest fiscal step forward.  These have continued to be challenging financial times, with the district sustaining a more than $6.5M reduction in state funding over the past three years while growing by approximately 1,700 students per year – FY08 projects a student growth of 1,833 students.  Yet, we have collectively focused our limited resources to most effectively support our instructional priorities.  This budget totals $603,134,624.  Click here to download the complete budget request.

UPDATE 4/17/07, 1:49PM: See today’s N&R editorial for more coverage.

An excerpt from today’s editorial:

The proposed budget also places greater emphasis on school foreign language programs, redirecting funds for a Mandarin Chinese program across grade levels, and expanding Spanish courses to 21 elementary schools. But Mark Jewell, president of the Guilford County Association of Educators, is concerned that some schools may be forced to choose between bringing a Spanish teacher on staff or keeping an art or music teacher. Administrators are “telling the schools they have to select what they’re going to cut, music or art.”Jewell also raises valid concerns about the budget’s proposed $1.2 million increase for the system’s Mission Possible teacher-incentive program. Expanding it to additional high-poverty schools might improve students’ academic performance. But with the program in its first year, that move might be premature. Given that one of Mission Possible’s central goals is improving state test scores, there’s no data available yet to show if it’s working or not.

It’s a good example of proposed funding that the board and the public should question and debate. Scrutiny and tough decisions now can produce a final budget that puts educating students first.

Good point, Mark, good point!

E.C. 🙂


2 Responses

  1. I hope we can squeek another 1K in this budget for Grier’s raise. Isn’t it about time for another one?

  2. God help us if that happens. We will track it if it comes to a discussion.

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