HP Central Implements Uniforms: News & Record

Now, it’s Central’s turn. The High Point high school will implement a standard mode of dress next school year. See today’s News & Record for more.

An excerpt:

“Most of my parents are very excited about it,” said Cindy Alspaw, a co-president of Central’s PTSA . She was on a committee of parents and teachers who created the dress code. The school sent parents information last week, Alspaw said. Students will be limited to certain colors, including khaki, white and navy blue, according to the dress code posted on the school’s Web site.

Acceptable attire: button-down shirts, polos, slacks, knee-length skirts, capris. And of course, official High Point Central sweat shirts.

What’s out: denim and items that are baggy, saggy or skin-tight.

The rollup on SMOD from Central’s website can be found here.

Today’s HP Enterprise has a similar story, click here.

E.C. 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Once again I say why not implement NICE. Let’s make our students accountable for being NICE. No more mouthing off, no more MF words, NO more eye-rolls, NO disrespect period!

    SMOD will NOT do this! Again, a bunch of CRAP!!!

    I seriously don’t care what kids wear, I’m not against uniforms I’m totally against NOT enforcing RULES!

    But yeah, EC is right, how do you do that when you can’t suspend kids?

    Guilford County is creating a monster.

  2. So, if a kid isn’t wearing appropriate attire, they will be sent to ISS. How long do you think that will last? I predict that there will be kids that NEVER participate.

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