Teachers Network Releases NCLB Survey

From TeachersNetwork.org, a recently-released survey reveals what we all know by now with regards to No Child Left Behind-Leaves Many Children Behind: it’s not working. Only a mere 1% of rank-and-file, front-line teachers believe NCLB-LMCB is working, and 69% of those professionals feel it is pushing teachers out of the profession entirely.


See the executive summary here.

See the complete survey results here.

A quote:

“As we look at this data, it seems very clear that from the teachers’ perspective, NCLB is a top down mandate about which they feel greatest pressure for their students to pass high-stakes tests coming from their district administrators.  This deprofessionalizes the teaching force, pushing teachers towards rote instruction that bypasses curriculum areas that are not tested and minimizes teachers’ efforts to be responsive to the specific needs of learners in their classrooms.” Professor Frances Rust, New York University Steinhardt School of Education

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