Garner Opposes School Growth Plan: Carolina Journal

Citizens in the Triangle (Raleigh) area town of Garner are pleading with Wake County Commissioners to hear their cry for public input as the Wake County School Board has apparently reassigned more free-reduced lunch students to their schools. See today’s Carolina Journal article for more.

An excerpt:

Paul Capps, a Garner real estate agent and citizen group organizer, said the school board has largely ignored citizen concerns for over five years and, in some cases, for more than 10 years. School board members have assured Garner citizens in both written communications and at meetings that they will address the issues, but their actions show otherwise, Capps said. For example, the group has shown the school board that the high percentage of free-reduced lunch students in Garner schools violates State Board of Education and Wake County Public School System policies. A WCPSS report (Baenen, 2005) said that the purpose of reducing the percentage of free-reduced lunch students was in response to a “large body of research indicating that students learn better in economically heterogeneous school environments than in high poverty schools.”

The same report set school-level caps for reassignment decisions at “no more than 40 percent of students receiving free or reduced-price lunch” and “no more than 25 percent of students performing below grade level.” Yet the school board continues to reassign free-reduced lunch students from other parts of the county to Garner.

At their April 2 meeting, Capps thanked the commissioners for being the “watchdogs for the Wake County Public School System,” but he said, “something is wrong when you go to work sessions and nothing has been looked at.”

There will come a time when school boards in general will have no choice but listen to the public, the taxpayers, and hear their concerns and cries for help. The schools belong to the people, not the politicians.

E.C. 🙂


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