Randolph Co. Unveils New Truancy Court

This is an example of getting back to basics.

Randolph County has unveiled its first truancy court designed to address excessive unexcused absences in Randolph County and Asheboro city schools. What a novel concept.

See Asheboro Courier-Tribune article here and related sidebar article here for more.

An excerpt:

“The focus is on why the student is not in school. The goal is getting the student in school,” said District Court Chief Judge William M. Neely who’s the presiding judge at the monthly court proceedings. “We’ve wanted this for so long,” said Nancy Redding, about the new program. She’s the Truancy Court coordinator and a school social worker for Randolph County Schools.

Truancy issues are part of her job and those of other school social workers in the county and city school systems.

Truancy Court has been set up as a link between the judicial and school systems to promote student attendance, reduce delinquency and promote educational success. Its objectives are to improve school attendance and academic performance, increase parental supervision and monitoring of student activities, decrease in-school and out-of-school suspension for behavior through the program’s parenting sessions and integrate existing support services to wrap around students and their families.

  I wish the program well. Guilford County: take lessons.

E.C. 🙂


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