More on Andrews’ Aviation Academy

From a letter to the editor in the News & Record:

I can appreciate Guilford County Schools Superintendent Terry Grier’s recent idea to develop an aviation academy in light of the recent economic development provided by HondaJet. Unfortunately, I am inclined to believe it is simply another newsworthy sound bite given in an effort to display some extraordinary insight by the school system. Such a program would be very costly.

Also, the real need would be for aviation mechanics and technicians, not pilots. So why would some pilot training be included?

More importantly, to even consider such new initiatives and learning paths, would it not require that existing facilities and curricula are adequately resourced and performing at or above standards? This is definitely not the case where overflowing and aging facilities are crumbling from lack of basic maintenance and services and, in some cases, additionally saddled with inept administration.

TV commercials notwithstanding, I would ask that the school board, parents, county commissioners and taxpayers ask if our tax monies are being spent most effectively for educating our children and young adults. And for our future.

T.L. Kornegay

E.C. šŸ™‚


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