More on that BOE/SRO meeting last week

See yesterday’s N&R story for more on that Friday meeting with School Board members and school resource officers (see original blog entry here).

Again, an example of our elected Board trying to invent an issue instead of focusing on the real core of the issue.

An excerpt:

GREENSBORO — School board member Amos Quick wanted the school resource officers to give him a straight answer: Are black male students misbehaving more than other racial groups?
 “Do we have a crisis among our African American students in our schools?” Quick asked during a meeting with about 20 officers Friday. The officers’ response: Yes.
Some black males coming from poverty-stricken, unruly homes are bringing their aggressive behavior — such as profanity and gang activity — into the classroom, they said.

Of interest is this quote by…you guessed it, Deena Hayes:

Board member Deena Hayes said she wanted to see less shifting of blame and more accountability from officers, school officials and the black community regarding the suspensions and arrests of black students.
“You’ve got to own something,” Hayes told the officers. “You’ve got to say we’ve got to do better.”

Translation: Instead of discussing who should ultimately be responsible, let’s just shift the responsibility to someone else. Further translation: Deena doesn’t not like SROs in our schools so let’s see what we can do to make that happen.

Did I mention the subject of politics and our schools make me sick? Deena refuses to listen to testimony arguing the benefits (from a safety/security standpoint) of why SROs are good for our schools. This is a problem.

E.C. 🙂


3 Responses

  1. Deena needs to OWN UP TO SOMETHING! Why can’t she just admit that the black children ARE INDEED ACTING UP MORE. I’m not saying I’m not empathetic to this but good grief Deena, the first step in ANY process is to ADMIT THERE IS A PROBLEM!!!! …and it’s NOT with the SRO’s!

  2. While there are kids toting guns to school you will NEVER convince me that we don’t need SRO’s in our schools. Hell, I think we need MORE!

  3. Admitting something is half the battle, but Deena doesn’t want to admit to anything…it’s sad as usual.

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