Why So Expensive to Build a High School in Guilford County

From a “Rumor” in this week’s Rhino Times:

Page High School was built in 1957 for about $1.2 million. Converting that to 2006 dollars, the school would cost $8.3 million to build. The current estimated cost of a high school in Guilford County is $81 million, or almost 10 times what a school cost to build in 1957 taking out inflation. The kids at Page in 1957 also received a much better education than they are today as judged by any reasonable standard. Someone should find out why the cost of building schools in Guilford County has increased tenfold and why we are building what appear to be the most expensive schools in North Carolina.

John Hammer, I couldn’t agree more. But I have my theories.

Again, in my opinion, school construction prices are at a premium in Guilford County likely because of the recently-intensified MWBE policies by GCS. As a result, school builders would rather build in Forsyth County (where a school can be built for about half the price). While some think the increased MWBE standards were worthwhile, it has now caused a negative effect where builders of school facilities don’t want anything to do with Guilford County. So the cost goes up. I think an $81 million school building is outrageous, insulting to the average taxpayer and a ripoff, in my opinion. And what the taxpayers are getting for their $81 million?

<sound the “cricket” noise here>

E.C. 🙂


2 Responses

  1. done worry Grier is on the case, I am sure something postive will be done…i hope your sensing my scarsm.

  2. All sarcasm is welcome here, keep it coming!

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