Even More on that BOE/SRO Meeting Last Week

See local columnist/blogger David Hoggard’s take on that meeting, via an excerpt below from his column in today’s News & Record.

School safety coordinator Anthony Scales says, “There’s a disconnect.  We’re not getting the message to our African American males that this type of behavior is not acceptable in our school system.”

Any student – rich or poor, black or white – who hears “the message” only from teachers and administrators, and who lacks constant reinforcement from home that there are high expectations of good behavior at school, is going to run afoul of rules that necessarily apply to everyone.  When the foundation for a successful education is not firmly established at home, our schools will never be able to close the many gaps that uninvolved or plain bad parenting creates. 

I am convinced that the discipline disparities showing up in school have a lot more to do with wealth than race.  I am just as convinced that, on the whole, black parents want their children to be just as successful as any other student.  But the difficult-to-tackle reality is that there are many more poor black families in our community than other ethnicities.  Until that changes, progress on improving overall school behavior will be difficult.

While it is painful for our police to confirm Amos Quick’s fears of “a crisis among our African American students”, at least we now know where to target our resources with pinpoint accuracy.

Working together, this community can solve any problem that it sets its collective mind to.  Few problems are more worth solving than impediments to safe and excellent schools.

Let’s get to work.

E.C. 🙂


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