GCS Interpreter Grant Allowed to Expire


A Fox-8 story that led this evening’s newscast said that a federal grant that GCS has had that paid district language interpreters was allowed to expire without warning, and Board chairman Alan Duncan admitted this evening to a Fox-8 reporter that the problem was discovered JUST YESTERDAY!

Okay, someone was asleep at the wheel and the grant that you have to pay language interpreters expires.

This blog continues to write itself, folks.


UPDATE 4/26/07, 10:58AM: Here’s the FOX-8 story, just uploaded. Watch the video to it also and see Alan Duncan attempt to spin this thing around…it fails miserably.

E.C. 🙂


3 Responses

  1. It’s not the first Grant fiasco in this system. I remember when a magnet Grant was not even considered by the Feds because it was incorrectly filled out! And someone lost their job over that one-NO, it wasn’t Grier. Why, why, why do we pay this guy so much?

  2. Someone should lose their job behind this, and obviously it won’t be Grier, given past history. I just shook my head when I heard this last night.

  3. I just uploaded the link to the FOX-8 story, and please watch the video. I just shook my head in utter disbelief when I saw this.

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