Grade-changing is raising questions: Philly Inquirer

There are way too many of these kinds of stories. And this one is no different.

Yet, another case of grade-changing and the whole dumbing-down of our schools, raising the ire of teachers in the name of “standards.” See this Philadelphia Inquirer story.

An excerpt:

A North Philadelphia principal overturned the failing grades of dozens of students, angering some faculty members at the school, who said the practice eroded student accountability, the district confirmed yesterday.

The district launched an investigation into the practice at William Penn High School, at Broad and Master Streets, after The Inquirer asked about reports from three teachers who complained that their students’ grades, ranging from a handful to more than a dozen, were altered.

The principal violated district policy that requires grade changes to be reported to a superior, said Al Bichner, the district’s deputy chief academic officer. The principal should have reported and justified the grade changes to her regional superintendent, he said.

“There was a breach of protocol and it has to be corrected,” Bichner said. “. . . We want to make this right.”

The principal, Patricia Randzo, acknowledged changing the grades of 90 of the school’s 1,016 students but said some of those occurred because teachers failed to follow district policy and document the reasons for the failure or show that they had contacted parents and provided support.

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