School board resists large class sizes: HP Enterprise

The GCS Board wants to reduce 4th and 5th grade class sizes, according to an article in today’s HP Enterprise. Scary part: “because these are critical years for testing.” Once again, No Child Left Behind-Leaves Many Children Behind running the show instead of school administrators.

An excerpt:

Under the superintendent’s budget pro­posal for 2007-08, elementary classrooms in those grades could swell from 22 students per teacher to a 26-to-1 ratio using a new teacher allotment formula.
The proposed class size change falls be­low the state threshold of 29-to-1, but sever­al school board members say large fourth­and fifth-grade classrooms have a negative impact on academics as students transition to middle school.
“Large fourth- and fifth-grade classes are part of the issues we are having at the middle school level,” board member Anita Sharpe said during a budget meeting Tues­day afternoon. Sharpe added that elemen­tary school teachers are not able to cover “key concepts” in huge classes.

UPDATE: See companion News & Record story here

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