2007 is Becoming the Year of “Why”


Why is it in 2007, in modern-day Guilford County, North Carolina, that children go to class in closets?

Why are children allowed to browse books in libraries/media centers that have mold? (Northwest Middle School)

Why does it take a nearly half-a-billion-dollar school bond to build or fix these facilities for our children?

Why do we have school board members, who are in charge of doling out this money, who make outrageous statements involving race?

Why are our schools, the ones GCS says are “striving-achieving-excelling,” continuing to do the exact opposite? This even constituted a “GCS News Alert” to blow their own horn touting their mural at PTI Airport.

Why do we even have a debate about where our children attend school?

Why do we have high-impact schools that are supposed to get more help, and yet teachers can’t get the supplies they need to do the job?

Why are language interpreters getting ready to not be paid because someone was asleep at the wheel?

Why is it that we’re okay with a system that builds $81 million high schools and we have homeless students in the same system?

Why isn’t there more public outrage at all of this? (maybe the outrage is being saved until the bond vote this fall or the elections next year)

Why…oh why…oh why…

E.C. 🙂


One Response

  1. Why? Because we spend more than 1/2 of of every tax dollar on fighting cowardly rich mens’ wars, and lining the pockets of billionaire military contractors. Militarism is bleeding the country dry.

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