Turns out earlier speculation was wrong…all wrong.

School Board members heard testimony last night saying that the use of standard mode of dress (SMOD) has had little effect on suspension rates and students achievement. Both today’s News & Record and High Point Enterprise have full coverage.

News & Record excerpt:

“I have a feeling if my daughter watched these school board meetings, she would text me and say: ‘I told you so,’ ” said Amos Quick, whose daughter Jasmine attends Dudley High School and must wear a uniform. John Wright, chief auxiliary officer for the district, reviewed suspensions, office referrals and state exam scores before and after schools implemented standard mode of dress.

“You do not find one significant trend one way or another,” Wright said.

For example, Bluford Elementary saw its out-of-school suspensions increase from 21 to 43 after standard mode of dress was implemented during the 2004-05 school year. Cone Elementary saws its suspensions drop from 53 to 26 after ordering uniforms three years ago.

Nine schools studied saw both rises and declines in end-of-grade test scores.

HP Enterprise excerpt:

“There was no significant difference when we looked at how it impacts those areas in any of the schools where it’s used,” Superintendent Terry Grier said.
“I have long said wearing uniforms or students using a standard mode of dress, in and of itself, I do not believe it’s enough to make a posi­tive impact on those crite­ria,” Grier added.
The study, however, re­vealed that SMOD guide­lines do boost self-esteem among students and lessen the focus on “faddish,” “pricey” clothing.
A handful of students from Dudley High School in Greensboro spoke out Thursday against the dress code policy, citing penalties for not wearing the appro­priate attire and the hassle of maintaining clothing on a daily basis.
“You say you want to help students, how about getting rid of some of the unneces­sary (dress code) rules,” one student said, adding that students miss instructional time or are counted absent when they are not allowed in a class for violating SMOD.

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2 Responses

  1. I told ya so.

  2. If parents and students do not want to wear
    SMOD then they need to stop doing so……

    What are they going to do ….
    suspend the entire Dudley student body….

    Scientific studies have consistantly proven that there is absolutely no correlation to improved test scores or behavior consistantly across the board.

    It is a mere panacea and is the worst fad from California since new math.

    It is the apathy of this society that have placed
    uniforms among us and it serves as neither a
    deterrent to crime, an equalizer, or contributes
    to the reductions of suspensions.

    Time effort and money need to be spent on things that will actually aid students in learning.

    What color the shirt is has been proven in every study to have zero effect on test scores and behavior.

    Students….stand up and speak out against such injustices!!…Tinker vs Des Moine…Supreme Court ruled that “students do not shed their constitutional rights at the school house gates”

    This is a democracy not a socialist society…..

    Let your voices be heard…
    January 3rd….2008 National Wear Jeans

    is wear your jeans to school day!!!!! Yes!!!!

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