Teams tutor as state tests loom: N&R

I told you the test prep machine is gearing up for EOCs/EOGs in May/June. Here’s an example of that…remember those “go” teams assigned to all of those highly-impacted schools a couple of months ago? Here’s a rollup on what the teams have been doing and if they’re showing signs of effectiveness, via today’s News & Record.

An excerpt:

Across Guilford County, teams of top-level administrators spend at least two days a week at struggling schools such as Eastern [Middle] hoping to get more students to pass state tests. They’re tutoring students, advising principals and coaching teachers. They’ve been at 18 schools since February . An additional seven schools have received some extra help. Crunch time looms. A sign on a wall in Eastern’s commons area says it all: Days until test — 21.

In just a few more weeks students will take the state tests that determine whether they meet both state and federal standards for learning. Schools and districts get rated based on the tests.

At stake?

Federal funding. Pride.

And for some schools, their very future.

Three schools — Ferndale Middle and Wiley and Washington elementary schools — have missed federal Adequate Yearly Progress for five years.

Missing again this year would mean making major changes, anything from removing ineffective teachers to restructuring the school. They’d have to start planning that process next year. Superintendent Terry Grier included about $192,000 in his 2007-08 budget to cover those costs — just in case.

BTW, that means reconstitution. Has any school in Guilford County been reconstituted?

E.C. 🙂


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